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How to check/set device IP/Port?

Q:   How to examine parameters of my trackers, or how to know if my IP Port is correct? 

Send check sms as below: 

Tk100: TCP

TK08A: check123456

C32: ip# 

You could find out the actual IP/Port of current device. 

Below are the commands to set IP/Port to Cantrack default platform/APP:

Secumore1 APP:

G05/TK08A: adminip123456 www.gps228.com 8989

TK100:  #ip#123456#www.gps228.com#8989#

C32:  server,1,www.gps228.com,8989,0#

Secumoreplus APP:

G05/TK08A: adminip123456 www.gps2828.com 7018

TK100:  #ip#123456#www.gps2828.com#7018#

C32:  server,1,www.gps2828.com,7018,0#

What's the difference of gps2828 & gps228 platform?

We have two web platforms:  

Old platform:   www.gps228.com,   www.secumore1818.com,       APP:  Secumore1

New platform:  www.gps2828.com, www.cantrackportal.com       APP:  SecumorePlus

Old platform is out of maintenence anymore, won't add any new function or bug fixing. 

All new purchased devices shall be added on new platform. 

Also new products released in 2021 & 2022 will only support new platform,  including C32, G06L, G07L, G08L, G09L, G200NY, P60L & more.

We encourage all old platform users switch to new platform accordingly.  If you need to create new admin account on new platform, welcome to contact our sales. 

How to add extra IMEI in my account?

Firstly need to confirm if it's Cantrack GPS tracker, and from whom you bought the gps tracker.

CantrackPortal & Secumore1818 only support our own gps trackers. Cantrack gps trackers IMEIs should start with: 

      a). 86723205...

      b). 86520503...

      c). 86872006...

We don't support any 3rd party GPS trackers. 

*  If the gps trackers are bought from us (Cantrack team) directly, We can add for free. 

*  If the gps trackers are bought from our distributor or local dealer,  plz contact Cantrack local dealer to handle the assignment.  Unless you can't find local dealer (e.g. their company disappear), you can buy register card to add: 


How to create sub-account, and why it remind me "user already existed"

Our Secumore Platform is widely used by 10,000+ different clients globally, in case your desired user name existed, plz change a different user name. 

How to create sub account, plz refer to "SUPPORT-->DOWNLOAD-->SOFTWARE INSTRUCTION". 

How to charge my gps tracker if it's overdue?

If your gps tracker shows "overdue", you may recharge your device through our recharge web link: 



Platform fee:  free for 1st year, $2/pcs/year from 2nd year.    or $5/pcs for lifetime free. 

Cantrack gps tracking platforms including: 





APP including: 




There are some fake TK100 on market, how can we know if it's original?

Due to we got many complaints from customer that they are bought some Copied TK100 GPS tracker from market, which its shell/box/accessories all same as Cantrack TK100, so here we declare that,We are the Original Manufacturer of TK100 GPS tracker (market name is GT06).

IMEI TAC Holder : Shenzhen Cantrack Technology Co Ltd Brand Name : SECUMORE

How to distinguish the Original & Copied Version?

Difference 1: IMEI Number

Original Version IMEI: 86723205... or 86520503... X Copied Version IMEI: 35267210...

Difference 2: APP name

Original factory only have Secumore APP & SecumorePlus APP.

Difference 3: SIM Holder

Original Version: Black color Anti-high temperature. SIM Holder X Copied Version: Silver color Holder

Difference 4: Service support

Original Version: Cantrack always giving support even after many years.

X Copied Version: too many customer complaint can’t reach them after months.