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    GPS portable navigator (PND).obd-II port gps tracker price

        The appearance is completely indistinguishable from a regular MP4. It compensates for the shortcomings of the car mounted DVD navigation system, greatly improving the flexibility of configuration ...

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    GPS data interpretation.fleet gps tracking Processing

        Milliseconds, positioning data is effective or invalid, and other important information. The format of the sentence is as follows:  $ GPRMC ,,,,,,,,,,,,,*, HH  You only need to know the location i...

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    positioning system

        A positioning system is an interrelated collection or device (component) formed with the goal of determining spatial location. This system can ensure that at least 4 satellites can be simultaneous...

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    GPS satellite positioning instrument function.gps tracker for bike company

        The main function  Real -time positioning: The satellite positioning instrument can collect the satellite information in real time and analyze the information.  Time -granting function: After the ...

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    The operating system that supports GSP.trailer gps tracker Manufacturing

        The smartphones on the market have the following different operating systems. They are:  1. Symbian operating system (UIQ, Series60, Series80, Series90)  2. Windows Mobile (Pocketpc, Smartphone)  ...

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    GPS popularization.gps tracker für auto Manufacturing

        Navigation services are a large application of GPS. Integrating GPS in mobile phones can easily realize the autonomous navigation of the vehicle. Users will no longer delay their schedule because ...

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    Car GPS purchase common sense.gps tracker for kids Manufacturing

        Chip  As a navigation product, we are most concerned about its stars, that is, signal receiving capacity. Most of the car GPS sold on the market currently uses the third -generation chip of Sirfst...

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    GPS product core function.gps tracker with magnet Manufacturing

        1) Map query   You can search for the destination you want to go on the operation terminal.   You can record the location information you often go to, and keep it, and you can share these location...

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    Simple introduction of GPS control part.obd2 gps tracker verizon wholesale

        The ground monitoring part is composed of five ground stations distributed around the world. It can be divided into three types: monitoring station, main control station and injection station acco...

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