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    What's wrong with the offline display of the car GPS anti-theft device

        1. The locator is turned off and there is a power outage.  If you dial the phone number of the locator through your phone and it prompts to shut down, this is the case. Check if there are any issu...

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    What are the differences between GPS, GPRS, and Beidou satellite positioning

        The GPS satellite positioning system determines its position through calculation by receiving satellite signals from the United States Global Positioning System (GPS), with a civilian accuracy of ...

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    gps vehicle tracker.What does the data received by GPS represent?

        1. Standard positioning time (UTC time) in hhmmss format  2. Positioning status, A=data available, V=data unavailable.  3. Latitude, format: degrees, minutes, and minutes (ddmm. mmmm) (the precedi...

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    LBS positioning has advantages.gps vehicle tracker

        LBS positioning is actually very popular, but many children's shoes still don't understand what it is. For example, social apps can use LBS positioning components to view "nearby peop...

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    Why is there no signal from the GPS system indoors?4G GPS Tracker

        Why is there no signal from the GPS system indoors? So it's important to understand the penetration ability of GPS microwave signals. Here are some experiments conducted by friends:  1) All me...

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    What is the IMEI number? What is the function of GPS locators

        What is the IMEI number? IMEI is an identifier that distinguishes GPS locator devices, stored in GPS locator devices, and can be used to monitor stolen IMEI or invalid GPS locator devices. The IME...

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    4G GPS Tracker.Which location is more concealed when installing a car mounted GPS locator in the car

        At present, there are two main types of GPS locators on the market based on their power supply: one is equipped with a built-in battery that does not require external power supply, and the other i...

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    How to prevent GPS car locators from being removed?4G GPS Tracker

        GPS car locators have been widely used and are also very common. In the automotive industry, they are indispensable anti-theft positioning devices and play an important role in vehicle management ...

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    gps vehicle tracker.What industries are GPS locators suitable for

        GPS stands for Global Positioning System in English. GPS began as a project by the US military in 1958 and was put into use in 1964. It has been in use for 52 years and its main purpose is to prov...

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