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    gps vehicle tracker.What is the positioning accuracy of China's Beidou satellite navigation system

        Researchers used rigorous analytical research methods to compare and analyze the positioning effects of Beidou and GPS in different regions of the route, especially in different motion states in t...

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    How do we deal with GPS drift

        GPS devices are similar to PCs, with N (N ->) being integrated by multiple manufacturers, but only a few have the ability to produce CPUs (SiRF, MTK...). In fact, it is even simpler than PC, an...

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    What is the difference between the built-in antenna and the external antenna of a GPS locator

        What is the difference between the built-in antenna and the external antenna of a GPS locator? What are the advantages of each one?  1. Built in antenna: It is an integrated device and antenna, wi...

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    Car GPS locator

        1. Distinguish between base station positioning and GPS satellite positioning  The editor has learned that there are currently two types of GPS locator products available on the market: one is a m...

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    gps vehicle tracker.What are the humanized parts of GPS locator

        From the current point of view, the car has become a necessary means of transportation for the family, and an important thing that is necessary for the owner is the GPS locator. Now most people ha...

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    gps vehicle tracker.Satellite TV signal and GPS locator satellite system difference

        In the streets of the city, on the roofs of rural farmhouses, we can often see large and small "POTS". Do not underestimate these "POTS", the local people watch TV on it, it is...

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    Does the car locator use a car power source or a stand-alone power source?

        A: The car locator is divided into two kinds, one is the power supply, the other needs to access the car power supply; With its own power supply, such as GPT26, GPT09, GPT06 positioners, etc., are...

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    Why do GPS devices say they can locate in real time?gps vehicle tracker

        Answer: To answer this question, you must first understand the basic working principle of GPS: The use of GPS positioning satellites, real-time positioning and navigation systems on a global scale...

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    Vehicle positioning management system solution

        1、 GPS locator  From the literal meaning, it can be seen that this product plays a positioning role. By loading the GPS locator onto the vehicle, you can fully see the relevant information of the ...

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