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gps vehicle tracker.Analysis of the Correct Use of Vehicle mounted GPS Positioning System

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  1、 GPS positioning terminals are divided into wired and installation free versions;

  In addition, the installation methods of these two car locators are slightly different. The wiring type locator needs to be connected to the vehicle's power supply in order to operate normally 24 hours a day; For non installation type locators, the standby time is usually determined based on the battery capacity and working mechanism of the locator after a single charge;

  2、 Startup method of GPS positioning terminal:

  1. Install the SIM card onto the car locator;

  2. Charge/connect power to the locator so that it can be powered on for use;

  3. After removing the vehicle or locator from the outdoor environment for a period of time, the locator can be activated for use;

  3、 The operation steps for installing a SIM card on a car locator are as follows:

  1. Open the back cover of the locator or the SIM card slot plug of the locator;

  2. Insert the SIM card correctly according to the card insertion diagram on the locator for installation;

  3. Close the back cover or card slot plug;

  4、 Power on operation mode of vehicle locator:

  1. Wiring locator: If you understand automotive circuits, you can install it yourself. First, make sure that the electrical pressure supported by the device is within the same range as the output voltage of the onboard battery. Then, find the positive and negative poles of the power supply. The negative pole is very easy to find, and the grounding point of the vehicle body is the negative pole. Find the positive pole in the safety box, near the car key switch, or directly connect it to the battery; If you don't understand, you can also ask relevant technical personnel to install it.

  Reminder: Good normal electrical performance is not affected by the car key switch, and the power cord is directly led out from the car battery; The side of the car locator with lights should face the sky and not be tightly attached to metal objects to block the internal GPS antenna. It can also receive satellite signals from 20000 kilometers away.

  2. Non installation locator: Connect the wire of the locator to the locator and plug it into the power supply. When the locator is fully charged, the charging indicator light of the locator will change color or stop flashing;

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