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G200(L) -Magnet GPS Tracker

G200 is a GPS Tracker working based on GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellites, this product can locate and monitor any remote targets with built-in antennas by GPRS.

This is an ultra-long standby positioning device designed for automotive wind control and Asset tracking management. It can effectively solve the industry problem of malicious search for GPS tracker; positioning once every day, can stand for three years; ultra small compact design, easier to hide; GPS / LBS / multiple positioning, to meet more usage environment, positioning faster and more accurate.

Project Details

1.  Production Features

◆ Positioning and Tracking: Through the on-line Positioning Platform or the APP.

◆ Standby mode last 45 days

◆ Real time tracking/Power-saving tracking mode switch.

◆ GPS enter sleep mode when vehicle is parking status, device will stop update GPS location only send heartbeat data to keep device online status.

◆ Anti-Tamper Alarm: device will send alarm to APP once device be removed. If someone removed the device, it will send location and Anti-Tamper alarm to platform and APP.

◆ Overspeed Alert: Send SMS to the unit to start the movement alert function. When the vehicle is overspeed, the unit will send the overspeed alert to authorized numbers.

◆ Geo-fence: Set up a geo-fence for the unit to restrict its movements within a district. The unit will send the message to authorized numbers when it breaches the district.

◆ Memory data storage: device will save 1400 points GPS location when GSM signal lost, it will upload the saved locations to server until when GSM signal back.

2.   Specs.

GSM Specification
GSM frequency850/900/1800/1900MHz
GPRSClass 12, TCP/IP
Memory32 + 32 Mb
Phase errorRMSPE<5, PPE<20
Max output

GSM850/GSM900: 33±3dBm,

GSM1800/GSM1900: 30±3dBm

Max frequency error±0.1ppm
Receive sensitivityClass II RBER2%(-102dBm)
GPS Specification
ModuleMTK high sensitivity chipset
FrequencyGPS L1, 1575.42 MHz C/A code
Location accuracy<10 meters
Tracking sensitivity-165dBm
Acquisition sensitivity-148dBm
TTFF (open sky)

Avg. hot start ≤1sec

Avg. cold start≤32sec


Built-in quad band GSM antenna,

GPS ceramic antenna

LED indicatorRed/Green/Blue
Working current5mA~50mA
BatteryRechargeable 6000mAh Lithium battery
Standby45 days (Non-movement sleep mode)
Operating temperature-20℃~+70℃
Device weight60g
Device dimension76(L) x50(W)x30(H) mm

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