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    GPS locator positioning accuracy is affected by those factors

        1, the atmosphere: the electronic properties of the ionosphere are unstable, which will have a great impact on wireless signals. The troposphere is filled with water vapor, which affects the speed...

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    What is RTK and how does it relate to GPS

        Real-time kinematic carrier phase difference technology (RTK) is a difference method for real-time processing carrier phase measurements of two measuring stations. The carrier phase acquired by th...

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    GPS locator service monitoring platform.gps vehicle tracker

        First of all, the current gps positioning monitoring platform provided by the GPS locator manufacturers, this is to a large extent a manifestation of strength, there are two kinds of GPS positioni...

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    What does the car gps locator mean when it starts offline.gps vehicle tracker

        1, the GPS positioning device is broken.  The antenna is broken, the GSM module has a problem, or the GPS module sensitivity is reduced and cannot be located, etc. All belong to the GPS device its...

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    Why can't gps devices display data on the platform.gps vehicle tracker

        In this case, the gps device is generally not opened or is not in a normal state, you can slowly detect according to the following:  1, if it is a vehicle gps device, please check whether the gps ...

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    What are the features of the car locator?gps vehicle tracker

        1, ensure the timely completion of the task of sending vehicles, to prevent the dragging of vehicles.  2, dynamic display of the vehicle's geographical location, operating status, time informa...

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    GPS locator terminology detailed.gps vehicle tracker

        Antenna: mainly refers to the position of the wire used when GPS receives signals, such as built-in antenna, external antenna, car antenna, etc.  Signal: is a kind of information resource that can...

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    Whether the GPS equipment bought in China can be used abroad.4G GPS Tracker

        This is generally OK, mainly to see whether the manufacturer has a platform for foreign countries. The following two points should be noted:  1, data transmission: Since GPS devices need to use SI...

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    How do you find a GPS locator someone put in their car?gps vehicle tracker

        1, if someone else has installed a satellite positioning tracker, someone else wants to remotely check your location. The GPS device must have a mobile phone module, go to the electronic market to...

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