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How to use the car mounted GPS locator after installation?gps vehicle tracker

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  The use of car GPS locators is very extensive, especially for the automotive financial risk control industry, which I believe many people know. But some people still ask: Is it possible to install a GPS locator in the car and start using it immediately? If you do this, you will find that it is not possible.

  In fact, after installing a GPS locator in a car, activating the GPS locator is another important step. For many beginners, they are not familiar with how to activate and use car GPS locators. So next, let's talk about how a general GPS locator is activated.

  How to use the car mounted GPS locator after installation?

  Firstly, we all know that GPS positioning terminals are mainly divided into wired GPS locators, wireless GPS locators, and OBD interface locators. The installation of wireless GPS locators is relatively simple, just find a place in the car to hide the device.

  The installation methods for wired locators and wireless locators are somewhat different. The wired locator needs to be connected to the vehicle's power supply in order to work continuously for 24 hours without power outage. Wireless locators are usually fully charged at once, and the standby and usage days can be determined based on the battery size and positioning frequency of the locator.

  After installing the device, come down and install the card for the device. The function of a card is to provide network transmission for devices, enabling them to transmit information to the platform.

  The steps for installing a SIM card, whether it is a wired locator or a wireless locator, are usually as follows:

  ① Open the back cover of the locator or the SIM card slot plug of the locator; ② Insert the card correctly according to the card insertion image on the locator; ③ Close the back cover or card slot plug.

  After installing the SIM card, the locator is powered on, and the wiring locator finds the positive and negative poles of the car power supply. The negative pole is easy to find, and the grounding point of the vehicle body is the negative pole. The positive pole can be found in the safe, near the car key switch, or directly connected to the battery. Of course, it is best to find professional technicians who understand automotive circuits for installation!

  But it is best to connect it to a regular power source, which is not affected by the car key switch and is directly connected to the power cord from the car battery; The side of the locator with lights should face the sky, and the side facing the sky should not be tightly attached to metal objects blocking the internal GPS antenna. It should also receive signals from 20000 kilometers away.

  Concealed installation location of wireless car GPS locator

  One of the most popular reasons for wireless car GPS locators is their easy installation. There is no need to connect the wires on the car circuit. As long as it avoids easily shielded areas through regular operations, almost the entire car is its hidden place. This also achieves its second characteristic, which is the concealment of installation. In this regard, it has more advantages than wired GPS locators.

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