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mini gps tracker.The functions of car GPS locator and car GPS navigation are different

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  There are many functions of car GPS locators, such as:

  a. Real time positioning function: According to the set time interval, the satellite positioning system's onboard terminal reports location and other information, making it convenient for managers to view the vehicle's location situation.

  b. Track playback: Save the vehicle's driving data, location, and other information over a period of time on the data center server, which can be queried and replayed for managers to check the vehicle's driving status.

  c. Data statistics: Conduct statistics on the mileage and working hours of vehicles for easy viewing by managers. Enterprises and institutions can reimburse personnel for fuel expenses based on mileage statistics.

  d. Electronic fence: The dispatch and monitoring center sets some areas, and reports the location information and alarms when vehicles enter or leave the area, making it convenient for managers to manage the driving area of vehicles.

  f. Remote fuel cut-off and power outage: When necessary (such as theft), a fuel cut-off and power outage instruction can be sent to the vehicle through the client monitoring platform, preventing the vehicle from starting. This is often used by guarantee companies to monitor vehicles for installment payments.

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