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    4G GPS Tracker.Ten reasons why GPS requires a temperature monitoring system at night

        1. There is a great demand for real-time temperature monitoring, especially in the cold chain logistics industry of fresh drug transportation  2. In the past, temperature monitoring could not be a...

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    Gps speed limiter.The application advantages of GPS measurement technology

        GPS belongs to the global satellite positioning system, which can provide positioning and navigation services on a global scale. In land surveying and mapping work, it follows the principle of tri...

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    4G GPS Tracker.How is your mobile GPS located

        To understand the principle of positioning, first popularize what GPS is. GPS (Global Positioning System) is a new generation satellite navigation and positioning system developed by the United St...

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    4G GPS Tracker.There are four mainstream satellite systems worldwide

        There are four mainstream satellite systems worldwide, namely: US GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, and Beidou. Of course, there are still differences among these four major systems, and there are also certa...

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    Development of GPS in China.Gps speed limiter

        Overall, in recent years, China has relied on its own efforts to continuously develop new technologies, which has indeed had a significant impact on foreign countries.  From the perspective of Chi...

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    4G GPS Tracker.GPS navigation

        Advantages of GPS:  Provide services globally.  Mature technology, widely used, and high positioning accuracy.  Disadvantages of GPS:  The control of the United States may be influenced by politic...

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    4G GPS Tracker.The difference between GPS and GNSS

        Different definitions:  GPS: Refers to the Global Positioning System (GPS), which is a high-precision radio navigation positioning system based on aerial satellites  GNSS: refers to a global navig...

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    4G GPS Tracker.The advantages of Beidou satellite over GPS satellite

        Beidou satellite and GPS satellite are representatives of satellite navigation systems, but they have some differences. The main service targets of Beidou satellite are China and neighboring count...

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    4G GPS Tracker.The advantages and differences of the three international navigation systems

        Advantages:  Galileo system: The Galileo system provides more frequencies, which enables it to better cope with errors caused by the ionosphere.  Signal quality: Its signal quality is stronger, mo...

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