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    gps vehicle tracker.Core functions of car GPS navigation

        a. Map search: You can search for the destination location you want to go to on the operating terminal. You can record the location information of the places you frequently visit and keep it, and ...

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    gps vehicle tracker.Method of GPS positioning for salespersons

        For some enterprises where salespeople have been away for a long time, how to manage salespeople directly affects the efficiency of an enterprise. Positioning and managing salespeople has become a...

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    Gps speed limiter.Vehicle terminal GPS locator

        The vehicle terminal equipment includes: control unit (CPU), display unit (optional), GPS, GPS antenna, GSM mobile phone (or other communication modules), and anti-theft alarm (optional). The main...

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    4G GPS Tracker.GPS wireless data link

        Wireless data transmission equipment, as the hub for information exchange between base stations and various mobile targets, is an important component of the entire vehicle dispatch. Its selection ...

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    GPS signal jammer shield

        With the rapid development of the social economy, the automotive finance situation such as vehicle mortgage loans has flourished. Many people, in order to get cheaper, purchase some second-hand mo...

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    What is a GPS positioning management system?

        GPS positioning management system refers to the use of GPS or Beidou satellite to obtain the location information of mobile terminal users. Through the communication network of basic telecommunica...

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    GPS personal positioner working principle

        With the process of China's reform and opening up, the social economy's take -off also brings the problem of dividing the rich and the poor, and the social security situation is severe. At...

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    GPS positioner can effectively prevent your electric vehicle from being stolen

        Today, with the rapid development of technology, we already have a suitable electric vehicle anti -theft solution. Many technology companies have also proposed plans to meet the company's adva...

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    Choosing a GPS Vehicle Tracking System: Three Key Points to Pay Attention to

        We already know what a vehicle tracking system is. Now, let's discuss the issues we need to pay attention to when choosing a suitable GPS vehicle tracking system. When choosing a GPS vehicle t...

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