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Gps speed limiter.Guide to Choosing GPS Positioners

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  1. Is the GPS locator exclusive to enterprises and cannot be used by individuals

  Although the manufacturing threshold for GPS locators is high, the original intention of the design is to facilitate human life, bring convenience, enterprise assets, and fleets. With locators, management will be more effective, and individuals can also use them. This is something that many people overlook, such as children's positioning phones and elderly lost or lost phones. Another major field is car locators, which can be used to guide driving and speed reminders, It plays a significant role in safe driving.

  2. What is the price of GPS locators

  At present, there are various types of GPS locators on the market, with varying quality, which leads to a variety of prices. Generally speaking, there is good quality assurance and technical support. Due to cost issues for enterprises, each GPS locator ranges from one to several hundred yuan, and high-end locators may require thousands of yuan. It is not recommended to purchase locators worth dozens of yuan. Once problems occur, the machine is basically scrapped and no after-sales service is provided.

  When purchasing GPS locators, we try to choose the original factory as much as possible, so that the quality is generally guaranteed.

  3. Is it better to purchase GPS locators with more functions

  The more functions a GPS locator has, the more expensive it is generally. If you are just an ordinary user, a regular locator can meet your requirements.

  We don't need to overly pursue a variety of functions, it must be determined according to our own needs. For example, if you only want to position the vehicle, you don't need the temperature and humidity detection function of the locator, which can save some costs if the purchase quantity is large. In addition, the more features there are, the faster the device runs, which to some extent affects the standby properties of the device and consumes more power. This is something we need to pay attention to

  4. It is best to conduct a demo test before bulk procurement

  Because there may be a phenomenon where sales personnel promote functionality, we can conduct tests to see if they have the required functionality

  5. How to determine the hardware of the locator

  Generally speaking, the operation of a locator requires a combination of software and hardware, and hardware often occupies a very important position. We can ask the merchant what modules, generations of GPS chips, and brands of sensors are used in the equipment we purchase. Based on our own brand awareness and online inquiries, we can determine the quality of these components.

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