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4G GPS Tracker.Common issues with vehicle GPS locators

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  There are usually several reasons that can cause this situation.

  1、 Just installed the vehicle locator, and the vehicle is in a stationary state. The device will not transmit new location information to the server. So the old positioning data is still displayed. Just let the vehicle go for a few minutes to update the location information.

  2、 The signal conditions in the environment where the vehicle is located are relatively poor, and GPS satellite signals cannot be fully searched, resulting in the vehicle locator not receiving signals. I suggest you check if it is caused by signal issues and rule out related issues.

  3、 The installation problem of the car mounted locator is that the installation position is too closed, making it difficult to search for satellite signals again after the satellite signal is interrupted. If this problem occurs multiple times, it is recommended to adjust the installation position.

  4、 Check if the SIM card is working properly.

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