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  Vehicle tracking

  Using GPS and electronic maps, the actual location of the vehicle can be displayed in real time, and can be enlarged, reduced, restored, and changed the picture. It can be moved with the target to keep the target on the screen; Track at the same time. Using this function can track and transport important vehicles and goods.

  Route planning and navigation

  Providing travel route planning is an important auxiliary function of the car navigation system. It includes automatic line planning and artificial line design. The automatic line plan is the starting point and destination by the driver. The computer software automatically designs the best driving route as required, including the fastest route, the simplest route, and the calculation of the least route through the highway section. The artificial line design is automatically established by the driver to design the starting point, end point and passing point according to his destination. After the line plan is completed, the display can display the design route on the electronic map, and at the same time display the car operation path and method of the car.

  Information query

  Provide users with the main objects of ZC, such as tourist attractions, hotels, hospitals and other databases. Users can display their position on electronic maps. At the same time, the monitoring center can use the monitoring console to inquire the location of any target in the region, and the vehicle information will be displayed on the electronic map of the control center in a digital form.


  The command center can monitor the operating conditions in the area and reasonably dispatch the monitored vehicle. The command center can also talk with the tracking target at any time to implement management.

  Emergency assistance

  The GPS positioning and monitoring management system can provide emergency assistance to vehicles with danger or accidents. The electronic map of the monitor shows help information and alarm goals, planned the optimal assistance solution, and reminded persons on duty to conduct emergency treatment by alarm.

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