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Positioning system classification.Car gps tracking manufacturer

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  There are many types of GPS satellite receiving machines. According to the model, it is divided into ground type, full -site type, timing type, handheld type, integrated type; according to the use, it is divided into vehicle -mounted, ship carrier, airborne, star -carriers, bomb -load type types Essence


  After more than 20 years of practice, the GPS system is a high -precision, all -weather and global radio navigation, positioning and timing multi -functional system. GPS technology has developed into an international high -tech industry with multi -field, multi -mode, multi -purpose, and multi -model.

  In addition to navigation, positioning, and measurement, GPS can publish time and frequency information due to the accurate clock loaded on the space satellite of the GPS system. Therefore, based on the accurate clock on the space satellite, under the monitoring of the ground monitoring station, transmitted, transmitted, transmitted, transmitted, and transmitted, transmitted, transmitted, transmitted, transmitted, and transmitted, transmitted, transmitted, and transmitted, transmitted, transmitted, transmitted, transmitted, and transmitted, transmitted, transmitted, and teleportation, transmission, and transmission, Accurate time and frequency are another important application of GPS. Applying this function can perform accurate time or frequency control, which can serve many engineering experiments. In addition, I can use GPS to obtain meteorological data for certain experiments and engineering applications.

  Other applications

  GPS of the global satellite positioning system is one of the most pioneering high -tech developed since the 21st century. Wide application. In developed countries, GPS technology has begun to be applied to transportation and transportation engineering. The application of GPS technology in China's road engineering and traffic management has just begun. With the development of China's economy, the rapid construction of high -level highways and the gradual deepening of the application research of GPS technology, its application in road engineering will be more widely widely used And deepen and play a greater role.

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