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    Cold start, warm start, and hot start of GPS.4G GPS Tracker

        Cold start refers to the process of starting GPS in an unfamiliar environment until it contacts surrounding satellites and calculates coordinates. The following situations are considered cold star...

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    Gps speed limiter.Gps-related knowledge of cold start

        GPS is an American satellite positioning system that provides global positioning and navigation services and can be planned into the satellite communications industry.  In China, GPS is mainly use...

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    GPS related knowledge of warm start, hot start

        Warm start refers to the start more than 2 hours from the last positioning time, and the star search positioning time is between the cold start and the hot start. If you used GPS positioning the p...

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    Gps speed limiter.What do you know about GPS devices?

        1. Basic information  GPS equipment, the global positioning system, is used to receive and analyze the orbit information and time information in the radio waves transmitted by several satellites i...

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    The car comes with anti-theft and car locator.4G GPS Tracker

        1. Owners of cars all know that new cars with anti-theft systems are equivalent to having a "difficult lock", the purpose of which is to prevent thieves from cracking the car lock by var...

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    Gps speed limiter.Wired GPS locator

        As the name suggests, the wired GPS locator is connected to the car battery power supply using the power cord, the device itself is not configured with a large-capacity battery, once it is removed...

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    Gps speed limiter.Details to pay attention to when installing a car locator

        The car locator can monitor the specific information of the car in real time, and it is more and more applied to the leasing and car loan industry, as a tool for the risk control of car loan enter...

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    4G GPS Tracker.Background of Beidou satellite development

    On July 23, 1993, the United States falsely accused the Chinese cargo ship "Yinhe" of transporting raw materials for the manufacture of chemical weapons to Iran, creating the "Yinhe&quo...

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    4G GPS Tracker.What is the difference between mobile GPS and car GPS

        The GPS device, if it is only the longitude and latitude obtained, there is no requirement for the two, this is the same as the radio, which can separately receive the position information broadca...

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