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Cold start, warm start, and hot start of GPS.4G GPS Tracker

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  Cold start refers to the process of starting GPS in an unfamiliar environment until it contacts surrounding satellites and calculates coordinates. The following situations are considered cold start when starting up:

  1. When used for the first time;

  2. When the battery is depleted and the ephemeris information is lost;

  3. Move the receiver over a distance of 1000 kilometers in the shutdown state.

  That is to say, cold start is a mandatory start through hardware means, because the internal positioning information has been cleared by GPS since the last operation, the GPS receiver loses satellite parameters, or the existing parameters differ too much from the actual received satellite parameters, causing the navigation instrument to be unable to work. It is necessary to obtain the coordinate data provided by the satellite again. Therefore, starting the navigation from the ground database is 100% considered cold start, which is also the reason for the long time it takes to search for satellites from the ground database.

  Warm start refers to a start that has been more than 2 hours since the last positioning time, and the star search positioning time is between cold start and hot start. If you have used the GPS system for positioning the day before, the first startup the next day will be considered a warm start, and the last location information will be displayed after startup. Because the latitude, longitude, and altitude were known before the last shutdown, but due to the long shutdown time, the ephemeris changed and the previous satellites could not receive it. Several satellites in the parameters have lost contact with the GPS receiver and need to continue searching for stars to supplement position information. Therefore, the search time for stars should be longer than hot start and shorter than cold start.

  Hot start refers to starting the GPS system without too much movement at the last shutdown location, but the time from the last positioning must be less than 2 hours. Through software, some preparation work such as saving and closing before starting is carried out before starting.

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