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The car comes with anti-theft and car locator.4G GPS Tracker

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  1. Owners of cars all know that new cars with anti-theft systems are equivalent to having a "difficult lock", the purpose of which is to prevent thieves from cracking the car lock by various means for theft. However, such a "difficult lock" is only "resistance" and not "call for help" when attacked, the protection ability of the car can not achieve better results, and there is no way to deal with theft incidents, the car locator is installed on the original car anti-theft system, and the alarm functions such as deployment detection, displacement alarm, and impact alarm are added on the basis of the original system functions. Thus more powerful to achieve anti-theft effect.

  2. In addition, the car locator has an important function that the original car anti-theft does not have: a key SOS SOS function. In the event of an emergency, such as a robbery or a car accident, the owner can press the help button to send a distress message to the monitoring center, or press the distress button to send a distress signal to the rescue center at the first time in the event of an accident to obtain timely rescue.

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