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Gps speed limiter.What do you know about GPS devices?

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  1. Basic information

  GPS equipment, the global positioning system, is used to receive and analyze the orbit information and time information in the radio waves transmitted by several satellites in space to calculate the longitude, latitude, horizontal height and moving speed of the GPS receiver location. The basic GPS equipment usually consists of a GPS receiver, a parser, and an efficient microcomputer.

  GPS is a satellite-based radio navigation system developed by the United States Department of Defense. GPS provides 3D location, speed and time to land, sea and air users around the world 24 hours a day. It is more accurate than other radio navigation systems.

  2. Composition of GPS device

  Space segment, control segment, and user segment.

  3, GPS equipment terminology

  Antenna: mainly refers to the position of the wire used when GPS receives signals, such as built-in antenna, external antenna, car antenna, etc.

  Interface: The interface of GPS device can be divided into data interface, power interface and RF interface. The specific standards of various interfaces are as follows: Data/power interface: international standard 20-pin (2×10) plug, RTCM104/RS-232, NMEA0183; Rf interface: OSX (or MCX type, ultra-small, lock type).

  Refresh speed: refers to how often after the GPS device is installed, it refreshes the information sent by the GPS satellite to obtain the latest positioning information. Generally, after installation, refresh once every 10 seconds, so that the positioning information obtained is almost real-time.

  Track: The route is a set of data stored in the GPS memory, including the coordinates of a starting point and an end point, and can also include the coordinates of several intermediate points, and the line segment between each two coordinate points is called a "track".

  GPS signal receiver: GPS devices can also be called GPS signal receivers. According to the purpose of use, the GPS signal receiver required by the user is also different. At present, there are dozens of factories in the world to produce GPS receivers, and there are hundreds of products. These products can be classified according to principle, use, function, etc.

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