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GPS related knowledge of warm start, hot start

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  Warm start refers to the start more than 2 hours from the last positioning time, and the star search positioning time is between the cold start and the hot start. If you used GPS positioning the previous day, the first startup of the next day is a warm startup, and the last location information will be displayed after the startup. Because the longitude, latitude and altitude before the last shutdown are known, but because the shutdown time is too long, the ephemeris has changed, and the previous satellites can not accept it, a number of satellites in the parameters have lost contact with the GPS receiver, and need to continue to search for stars to supplement the position information, so the search time is longer than the hot start, shorter than the cold start.

  Hot start refers to the start of the GPS without too much movement from the last shutdown place, but the time from the last positioning must be less than 2 hours, through the software, some preparations such as saving and closing before the start.

  There are about three ways of remote monitoring on the market today:

  The first: you call the mobile phone number on the device, you can automatically answer, there is a disadvantage, that is, advertisers call in by mistake, you can also hear the voice of the car. Some knockoffs use this to save on development costs.

  The second type: binding There are some devices that support the bound mobile phone number to listen to the sound. But it costs six bucks to turn on the power display, so the device knows who's calling, it's a bound number, it picks up, you hear it.

  Third: more advanced. Just send a text message to the phone number in the device, and the device will be pulled back to you, so that you do not need to open to display.

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