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  When the GPS positioning system terminal is used for vehicle positioning through hardware and software, it is called a vehicle GPS positioning system. However, the positioning alone is not good, and this positioning information must be passed to the alarm center or the holder of the GPS positioning system of the vehicle. We call it a third party. Therefore, the GPS positioning system also includes GSM network communication (mobile phone communication). The satellite positioning information is sent to a third party by SMS by SMS to interpret the text message by microcomputer and display the vehicle location on the electronic map. This realizes the vehicle GPS positioning system. SMS is sent directly to the owner's mobile phone and completes the car GPS anti -theft alarm. It can be seen here that the GSM network part of the car GPS positioning is actually a smartphone that can communicate with the third parties, and the vehicle can be robbed, the driver is robbed, abducted, etc. Positioning is positioning, anti -theft, and anti -robbery.

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