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Requirements for establishing Beidou/GPS positioning management for truck transportation vehicles.Gps speed limiter

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  1. Information Networking:

  Information flow serves logistics, and information technology is the foundation for the development of the logistics industry. Throughout the mid to late 1990s, for a considerable period of time, there was a lack of involvement from large companies and enterprises. The application of GPS in the logistics industry, especially in vehicle monitoring systems, was only carried out by small and medium-sized companies with weak technical, financial, and talent capabilities. They were unable to provide real-time sharing of necessary information in the logistics service process, promoting the scientific management of logistics, and failing to improve the efficiency of logistics services.

  2. Functional specialization:

  Currently, most GPS management systems in the market are developed by small technology enterprises. The products provided by such products lack specialization. For enterprises specializing in logistics services, their logistics design, logistics operation process, and logistics management should be specialized, and logistics equipment and facilities should be standardized.

  3. Service Personalization:

  Different logistics consumption requirements provide different logistics services, and logistics enterprises provide targeted personalized and value-added services according to consumer requirements. At present, the selling points of products in the market are limited to anti-theft alarms and location tracking records, while the logistics industry is more in need of services such as fleet management, dispatch and command, cargo distribution, transportation supervision, and comprehensive inquiry, in order to achieve the goal of saving consumption and increasing efficiency. The actual needs vary depending on the application situation, and a series of products should be categorized to meet the objective market needs. The problem here lies more in the company's guiding ideology, business philosophy, and management level. The most crucial thing is to introduce it through a market economy approach. Attract users, maintain market longevity and stability

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