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4G GPS Tracker.Background of Beidou satellite development

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On July 23, 1993, the United States falsely accused the Chinese cargo ship "Yinhe" of transporting raw materials for the manufacture of chemical weapons to Iran, creating the "Yinhe" incident that shocked the world. At that time, the "Galaxy" was sailing normally on the Indian Ocean, suddenly, the ship stopped. Later, everyone knew that this was because the United States had partially shut down the GPS navigation service in the sea area where the ship was located, making the ship a headless fly and did not know which direction to travel. In addition, the United States has insisted that the ship must be stopped for inspection, and if the Chinese ship does not obey the order, the shutdown of the GPS navigation service will bring it to a natural stop.

In 1996, when Taiwan's Lee Teng-hui raised tensions over the two States, the People's Liberation Army launched a large-scale military exercise and fired three warning missiles into the East China Sea near Taiwan. The first missile hit its target accurately, and just as everyone was hailing the success, the second and third missiles that followed were suddenly untraceable, eventually sending the missiles far from their intended landing range.

Military analysis later indicated that the U.S. military may have done something wrong, and the two launch failures may have been caused by a sudden loss of GPS signals. Moreover, during the Taiwan crisis, the United States sent two carrier groups to the Taiwan Strait, which China found impossible to track effectively and thus deter.

The BeiDou (COMPASS) Navigation Satellite System (BEidOU) is an indigenous development being implemented by China. Independent research of the global satellite navigation system, abbreviated as BDS[1-2], with the United States GPS, Russia's Glonass, the European Union's Galileo system compatible with the common global satellite navigation system, known as the world's four major satellite navigation systems.

The Beidou Navigation Satellite System has provided continuous navigation, positioning and timing services since December 27, 2011. The Beidou navigation satellite system consists of three parts: space, ground and client. The space terminal includes five geostationary orbit satellites and 30 non-geostationary orbit satellites. The ground end includes several ground stations, such as main control station, injection station and monitoring station. The user end consists of Beidou user terminals and terminals compatible with other satellite navigation systems such as the US GPS, Russia's GLONASS and the EU's GALILEO.

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