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Brief analysis of functions of vehicle positioning system.vehicle gps tracker webfleet solutions

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  Vehicle positioning system has many practical functions in application. The application of global positioning system (GPS) in vehicle management is called vehicle positioning system. Next, we will analyze the functional characteristics of the vehicle positioning system.

  1. Real-time monitoring: The vehicle positioning system uses mobile GPRS as the carrier of monitoring data, and truly realizes all-weather real-time monitoring of vehicles (speed, direction, etc.), and the monitoring frequency can reach 1 second level.

  2. Driving information management: the system can download, playback and save the previous driving data information of the vehicle.

  3. Vehicle overspeed alarm: the administrator can set the upper and lower speed of all vehicles individually or separately. When the vehicle speed exceeds the limit, the system will prompt the vehicle overspeed alarm, accompanied by sound and pop-up window prompt.

  4. Self-built layer: the administrator can mark the location of the company and the construction site on the map by text and image; You can also build routes that are not available on the road, and better improve the map to manage vehicles.

  5. Text dispatching management: management can send text dispatching information to a vehicle or a group of vehicles through text. The information sent will be saved for future verification.

  6. Overspeed alarm statistics: through the driving data saving function provided by the vehicle positioning system, the driving data of a certain vehicle at a certain time on a certain day can be played back later, and a report can be generated for response. This function can be used for assessment.

  7. Driving route tracking: It can record the driving route of a single vehicle or all vehicles in real time. When the vehicle passes, a black line will be drawn on the map. The administrator can see the driving route of the vehicle directly.

  8. Area alarm function: the restricted area can be set, and when the vehicle enters the restricted area monitoring area, an alarm reminder will be sent. The vehicle positioning system customizes the driving route and sends an alarm when the driver leaves the predetermined driving route.

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