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China Beidou Navigation System?

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  China's Beidou Satellite Navigation System is abbreviated as Beidou System (BDS). It is a global satellite navigation system that is independently developed, created and operated by China and compatible with other satellite systems in the world. It can provide high-precision, efficient and reliable positioning, navigation and time service for various users around the world.

  Since 2012, the coverage of the Beidou system has expanded from 84 ° - 160 ° E to 55 ° - 180 ° E. The accuracy of the system has also been improved, from the previous level of 25 meters and elevation of 30 meters to the current level of 10 meters and elevation of 10 meters. As far as the current position is concerned, China's Beidou satellite navigation system has been basically built, which can independently provide satellite navigation and time service for China and Zhoubinah region.

  The overall performance of the Beidou system in East Asia is comparable to that of GPS in the United States. Moreover, in recent years, China's Beidou system is also actively making efforts to be compatible with GPS, GLONASS and other positioning systems.

  In addition, the Beidou system also has some performances and features that the GPS system does not have. First, the space segment of the Beidou system uses a hybrid constellation composed of three types of orbit satellites. Compared with other satellite navigation systems, the Beidou system has more high orbit satellites and strong anti occlusion capability, especially in low latitude areas.

  Second, the Beidou system provides navigation signals of multiple frequency points, which can improve service accuracy through the combination of multiple frequency signals. Third, the Beidou system innovatively integrates navigation and communication capabilities, with five major functions: real-time navigation, rapid positioning, accurate time service, location report and short message communication services.

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