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GPS positioning cannot break through due boundaries.gps tracker device Processing

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  Simply put, GPS is a positioning system based on artificial Earth satellites. Since its inception, it has attracted numerous users with its high-precision, all-weather, global coverage, and convenience and flexibility. GPS is used in fields such as driving navigation, logistics transportation, telephone and watch, greatly improving efficiency in various industries. But technology is a double-edged sword, and only by establishing rules can we make good use of technology.

  At present, various GPS locators are available for sale online and offline, with multiple functions such as eavesdropping and photo location. Among them, large ones are like matchboxes, pocket ones are only the size of coins, and there is no threshold for buying and selling, so there is no need to use real names to "pay for them". As a result, various daily necessities such as cars, power banks, and water glasses may become "spies" around us. These positioning tools, although disguised as "anti-theft recording" and "preventing the elderly and children from getting lost", also contain hints such as "with this, my wife is more honest". The positioning function of GPS has been publicized by some bad businesses for other purposes, some of which even violate the Public policy doctrine, and are suspected of violating other people's privacy, which is increasingly causing trouble to more people.

  GPS has been abused, violating the privacy of the public. The right to privacy refers to a Personality rights that citizens enjoy the peace of private life and that private information is protected according to law from illegal intrusion, knowledge, collection, use and disclosure by others. Its importance need not be overstated. The use of GPS positioning function to secretly capture, eavesdrop, and pry into the privacy of others violates the explicit provisions of Chinese laws, such as "the collection and use of personal information of citizens must follow the principles of legality, legitimacy, and necessity, and the purpose must be clear and with the informed consent of users", and "excessive collection of personal information is not allowed". It is a blatant illegal act. Therefore, on the one hand, it is necessary to continuously improve the legal system for personal information protection and the supervision and enforcement mechanism. We need to further standardize and guide the various GPS locator products and sales installation processes, such as consolidating platform responsibilities, reviewing the qualifications of buyers and sellers, and fulfilling the obligation of using reminders; Require offline institutions to verify and register user information and equipment usage when installing GPS. On the other hand, by following the example of others, we will severely punish those who participate in related transactions and illegally obtain information from others. At the same time, we will establish a diversified joint governance and rights protection mechanism through smooth complaint channels, which will definitely form a deterrent effect and eliminate the chaos in the GPS sales market.

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